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The difficulty of becoming a sage was often discussed in Stoicism. When Panaetius , the seventh and final scholarch of the Stoa, was asked by a young man whether a sage would fall in love, he responded by saying: "As to the wise man, we shall see. What concerns you and me, who are still a great distance from the wise man, is to ensure that we do not fall into a state of affairs which is disturbed, powerless, subservient to another and worthless to oneself.

Epictetus claims that only after the removal of any attachments to things in the external world could a Stoic truly possess friendship.

The Sage soul

This would only come from the correct use of impressions. Marcus Aurelius defines the sage as one "who has knowledge of the beginning and the end, and of that all-pervading Reason which orders the universe in its determinate cycles to the end of time". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Someone who has attained wisdom. For sages in Confucianism, see Four Sages. See also: Sagacity. The Inner Citadel , trans.

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Consequentialism Deontology Virtue.

Atomism Dualism Monism Naturalism. Action Event Process. By region Related lists Miscellaneous. Then there is the opinion of dissent, what many would call revisionist history. Finally I told him that it was probably the Historian who found a consensus, the one who could write a history that everyone agrees on.

He coldly refuted me, saying.

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It is the scholar who has made everyone upset, who tells the truth! One thing we know in this world is that people have differing opinions on everything.

And it is easier for us, mentally, to take one side or the other and just run with it. It is very easy for us to look at a situation, and label the actors as either horrible monsters or wonderful beyond criticism.


In reality, it is always more complicated than that, and taking this into account every time is the key to judging with wisdom. We may always be inclined to think a certain way, and our brains tend to put things into neat little categories for the sake of convenience.

Some people have a liberal bend, some are conservative, some are predisposed for religiosity, others for doubt, and the list goes on. What I am suggesting to you is this. Embrace the fact that every situation you face in life is infinitely more complicated that your first instincts make it out to be. Allow this realization to humble you, and give you a clean slate from which to act. Review ALL the facts, not just the ones that are convenient for you.

Wisdom of the Sage

Only then will you overcome your bias and be a fair person to deal with. Where did all the knowledge and wisdom in the world come from? Did it emerge in a vacuum? The fact is that everything we know came down to us from people all throughout history who decided to share what they had learned. Now the question is, what will you do once you have educated yourself? This is a fitting way to describe any leader, someone who takes on the responsibility to congregate, to hold people together in pursuit of an ideal and guide them on the right path.

Socrates, Machiavelli, Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, etc.. What I am suggesting to you, dear reader, is that you can be a part of this grand tradition. You can live beyond yourself, and even beyond your passing, when you impart your knowledge to others. Maybe you will be the pillar in your community helping friends and family solve their problems. Or maybe, like most people, you will pass on everything you can to your children, so that they can carry on your name in the noblest way possible.

Share your wisdom. This is the eternal burden of the sage. So there you have it! You may have noticed that all these rules are quite general, not to mention bordering on obvious. In fact, they are in line with the oldest stories of mankind. But as with all things from antiquity, they lasted this long because there is something of value there.


How to Harness the Wisdom of Sage (Infographic) – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

I hope you have found value in what you have heard so far, but believe me, we are only getting started. For now, follow these five tenants, and you may yet become a sage. Please share your thoughts below!