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  1. The Basics of Mammalian Temperature Regulation

The Basics of Mammalian Temperature Regulation

This Fellowship will provide me with independence to achieve my long-term goal of establishing a UK-based interdisciplinary research group focused on disentangling the role of TEs in cell fate decisions. She says: "We commonly believe that genetic information in every cell of our body is the same. Due to such mobility, TEs can cause genetic diseases and cancer.

While in most mature cells TEs are inactive, during early development, the very first embryonic cell divisions, TEs are very active.

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I will develop experimental and analytical methods to investigate whether TEs are transcriptionally active in all or only a subpopulation of cells during embryonic development. These studies will reveal the molecular origins of mammalian development and could pave our way towards identification and treatment of diseases with genetic bases.

Emphasis was also placed on organisms that represent the diversity of the mammalian tree and, where possible, are biologically useful models. Though low-coverage genome analyses are effective for use in identifying features of the human genome shared across most mammals, we recognize the inherent limitations associated with these analyses. We have obtained higher quality sequence data X coverage from a limited set 8 of 24 of mammals picked for low coverage which will significantly aid in the annotation and understanding of the human genome. The publication of the initial analysis of this dataset can be found here. For constraint elements and other datasets related to this project, files are available here.

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For more information on this project, please contact us at vertebrategenomes broadinstitute. Skip to main content.

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