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  2. Are you ready to say Good-bye to over-priced, restricted TV companies?

Say Uncle | Grove Atlantic

It works in the moment. Does that mean that all of this is a one-off lark? The only thing it could legitimately mean is that Steven has slightly more control over his shield, and maybe that the Gems will reference that one weird time Uncle Grandpa showed up in, like, one episode. So what? Where he has his very own Gemsona! In telling Steven that his powers are linked emotional clarity and his protective, maternal instincts, Mr. Gus gets to voice something the rest of us have probably been thinking for a while.

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Remember kids. Steven and I have got your back. Still, not everything is perfect at the end of the episode.

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Here we go again. The A.

Share This Story. Say Uncle: About a year ago a number the three of us got together and started a discussion about creating a space to exhibit work from artists across the country who had practices that we were interested in. At the same time we were also traveling all over Central Illinois to attend exhibitions showing nationally recognized emerging artists' work who we were interested in.

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Originally, our idea was to purchase a flatbed trailer and build a structure on it that would operate as a gallery. This would allow us to be able to move our gallery to regional cities and show the work in conjunction with other exhibition openings.

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Over the course of the year our ideas have evolved to what we believe is a more feasible and sustainable model for working with artists. Last fall, early on in our conversations about Say Uncle, we decided we wanted to work with Devin Balara. We feel it is important that the artists that we work with have an understanding of Champaign-Urbana and the larger Central Illinois region, which is why it is important for us to physically bring them here to make work.

Depending on the artists practice and needs Say Uncle finds an appropriate venue to produce the work. The shapes of these forms are drawn from a lexicon of patio blocks, garden edgers and stepping stones.

Are you ready to say Good-bye to over-priced, restricted TV companies?

Traditionally these objects are used to direct our attention, desire and movements. For the duration of the project, Balara will create temporary sculptures that propose an alternative way of engaging with and yielding to representations of nature in the shared space of the everyday. Devin Balara's work mines the ways nature is commoditized, mediated, and composed in outdoor public spaces. Her objects are uncanny surrogates that imitate and obscure the "natural" world by employing faux finishes and material transmutations.