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Shame on Harvard for allowing this sort of bad research, bad advice, overall wrong article to be posted under their name. Holly is ignorant of all the research done over the past 10 years? Holly is ignorant of actual statistics? Holly thinks people reading this newsletter are airheads, random in their choices of food. Honestly, I am astonished to see this article under the Harvard banner. Absolutely correct. They should be ashamed of this article.

I have recently investigated this topic in depth. The people that advocate for such a diet are just the messengers who have put the science together succinctly for the masses. Yes, this is the disclaimer for this actual blog site!. My college professors would have torn this piece of simple-minded illogic one-reference sourced article apart and I went to a State school.

You dont need to spend extra money on expensive gluten free foods; eat rice, meat, cheese, fruit, potatoes, corn, vegtables,yogurt, nuts, hummus, etc. TONS of healthy good food out there. Go out to eat at any restraunt; just refuse the bread basket; order steak, fish, chicken, vegetarian with rice, potatoes, vegtables. Pass on beer; drink wine! Shame on the Harvard nameplate being used for a simple dismissal of a concept that could better many peoples health.

I am sure you can find a better use for your endowment money than paying this women to shill the opinion of one professor and five minutes of internet research to support his conclusions. Avoid tapioca flour, cornstarch and white rice flour. You will loose weight easily and improve the cholesterol level. I can not believe that I paid money for the Harvard Health News letter once. I have lost respect for that institution. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and for the first time in 25 years could I be without my horrible medications. Holly, do you have a response?

You did not hesitate to write your article, will you provide us with your rebuttal? You should give this lifestyle a try for 30 days and report back to your readers on how it affected you. I would be truly surprised if you elected to allow wheat or any whole grain back in to your diet. An article with similar content was recently published over at FOX news…. Big Agra? Big Food? Big Pharma? It is less expensive to stop buying crackers, cereal, and pasta products. Time consuming?

Meat and vegetables, salad, easy, easy, easy. Again, just my opinion but check out the gorgeous produce in abundance. There is no down side to living gluten-free for the many people who do so every day. Perhaps the down side is for people like Dr. Leffler and Ms. Strawbridge who perpetuate and profit from the lies they tell, claiming them as facts. Sorry, but nobody is buying it anymore. The truth is out. I would never keep quiet about such truly wonderful news, and I would never consider taking advice from someone who tells me to keep my choice to myself. Absolutely not. But, perhaps Dr.

Leffler will take his own advice and keep his opinions to himself as they are not even helpful to his own patients who suffer from celiac disease. Try some encouragement and positive thinking, doc. The choice to eat well rests on all of our shoulders, not just those with celiac disease.

It might be in how you look at the wonderful opportunity before you. Leffler, the glass is half full, not half empty. Pass it on to your patients and stop being Dr. Life is very good. Read and understand what all the happy chatter is about. You might just learn a few things.

What is it with the media? I continue to read articles like this one stating the lack of science available to go gluten or wheat free. This article is written by someone who is either poorly informed or no longer bothers to research articles before putting them into print. Personally, I will take all of the testimonials of real people many in my own life who have lived in pain for years, were overweight forever in Yoko diets and still felt terrible after years of going to doctors, over an article that cannot get basic facts straight.

I have never really eating junk food or ingested junk drinks soda. I prided myself in baking the best Whole Wheat breads with wheat germ and spelt flour. But I have horrible Rheumatoid Arthritis for 25 yrs. I have reconstructed shoulders and feet. My hands are totally deformed almost useless and so painful to use,. I practically devoured that book in one day, I could not put it down! My infusion of medication for my RA is coming up and I might just have to cancel it. I already eliminated the Methotrexate.

Of course I still have pain in my joints that are already destroyed, but there is less of it. I just feel and sleep so much better. I just wished I had Dr. Bought the Wheat Belly cookbook from Dr W. Davis also , it is fabulous. Just had my lunch with Flax-wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado , yarlsberg cheese and baked turkey and mayonnaise. Nobody in my circle of friends will be safe! Just one more thing. I always thought, because I have been taught, that whole grains are best for you. So years ago I switched to all whole grains, pasta, breads etc. I love bread, the taste and how addictive it is.

ONe piece is not enough!! But I have noticed over the years how the weight is staying no matter what I do. I have noticed how bloated I am most of the time, how much weight I have put on, how uncomfortable I feel. I am irritable I am after a feast. I made my own bread!! BUT from MANY others and family as well who suffer from gluten or are diagnosed Celiac it has become important enough to me to read up as much as I can, being interested in health.

I found the book WheatBelly, and read it in a few days. After reading the book I decided to give this a try and find out for ourselves what is going on. First I got rid of alllll the wheat in the house, and sugar! Changed to baking the breads with almond flour,flax seed, and coconut flour, which are delicious by the way. We have enjoyed the change, and are looking forward to a healthier life style. This makes more sense to me than cutting out all fat, sugar and or meat, which I have also tried.

Eating all fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, coconut oil, lean meats, along with the breads made without wheat are a much better choice. I suffere from headaches, sleep problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable and brain fog. I am already noticing the increased energy, sleeping better, less aches and pains. Nothing I have tried has worked before this. We take several supplements and eat well. Better now. I am saddened that educated people question normal people who are bright, and doing what they can to improve their health, when all evidence points to the negative by eating wheat.

People who find out for themselves what their body is saying when making a change is I would think much better for everyone, health care especially, not mentioning being less of a burden to others when sick. Anyway, I am thankful, and feel blessed to have this knowledge and make the change. Thank you Dr. Maybe if they tried it for a three month period and see for themselves how much better they will feel they might become believers.

Makes me very curious as to why they are so negative, when it has improved the quality of life for thousands. Gale, I also was so proud of my homemade whole wheat bread with wheat germ and vital wheat gluten, milk powder and flax seeds, the one good and healthy ingredient, besides the milk powder. Well who knew. I wish I had not bought that expensive Zojirushi Bread machine. I started only because I wanted to lose excess weight. Within ten days I suddenly started sleeping better, eliminated joint pain and was satisfied after each meal.

Also no more bloated but hungry after meals. I no longer eat fast food and do a lot more cooking. I have tried a couple of times to eat wheat products and it caused bloating, stomach pain and a headache. I have cut out all grains and starches. I adore the wheat belly cookbook by Dr.

Fabulous recipes. People love her wheat free bread. Good advice will always result in word-of-mouth enthusiasm. The suggestion that people should keep their wheat-free happiness to themselves is truly sad. Should we all just wallow in self-pity? My circumstance is like many others. I simply feel better and enjoy much better health when I avoid wheat.

Yes, I could tell myself that I am the victim of bad genes or diabetes, or a weak stomach. But the truth is I do have a choice, and I am chosing health and to enjoy my food, wheat-free. And nothing wrong with sharing that good news with other people. Because people, my doctor included, all want to know how I lost weight, kept it off, and defeated a life-sentence of diabetes. What should I say? I tell them I read Wheat Belly by Dr.

What total nonsense! I could be offended by the endless aisles in the store devoted to wheat in all its forms, but I feel great to simply pass them by gluten-free food especially , save some money, stop contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle, and move on. Or a pricey gym membership. Or clothes to hide the ever-growing belly. Or hours of therapy to treat depression. And so on and so on…. I had allergy testing.

Not allergic to wheat. I was tested for celiac disease, including an endoscopy and colonoscopy. No celiac disease. But the simple fact is, if I eat wheat, I have irritable bowel syndrome. I take my B vitamins and others. I have lost 30 pounds much needed. This was the best thing I could have done. I now eat a whole foods diet — fish but no meat, no processed foods or junk food or soda. Like you are keeping to yourself who funds your propaganda publication? And this is healthy? Just had my vitamin B levels tested — they are at the high end of the normal range.

The 50 Best Foods for Your Heart

The whole food industry is trying to kill us in exchange for higher profit. Things need to change! I am not on a gluten-free diet, but rather a wheat-free diet. Prior to stopping my daily wheat binges, I was a type II diabetic. Now I am not. I was 20 pounds overweight and now I am not. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, skin rashes, thyroid problems. Now I do not suffer from any of these things. There are simply too many good benefits.

I would never consider keeping all this good news to myself. Wheat-free living is on that scale in terms of the health benefits. I will continue to spread the word. And I continue to say thank you to Dr. Davis for his courage and keen insight into the many benefits of wheat-free living. His book is simply awesome! I have Afib. I have had it for years and it is getting worse. I am breaking through all my medications and after a disastrous ablation, my Dr. This is important, because intense exercise to lose weight will not work for me. I spent most of my life weighing about lbs.

I ate cakes, pies, cookies, toast, bagels noodles, you name it, with NO effect on my weight. But, with middle age, came weight. And so, I changed my milk to skim, I have always loved milk and my everything else to low fat. I tried exercise, but the afib got in the way of that. The last two years, with the worsening afib, I gained another 20 lbs. So, I cut back even more — I drank a calorie protein shake Special k for breakfast, but I continued to eat shredded wheat everyday and changed to even smaller portions of pasta and rice and I switched from the occasional regular potato to sweet potatoes.

My portions got smaller and smaller. I went to my regular Dr. If I hit , I was going to feel defeated by my disease and my catch 22 exercise issues. I felt desperate. So, I started scouring Amazon and the internet for diets, mindful that my afib would not let me do boot camp exercise programs, etc.

I have managed to walk on my treadmill, carefully only TWICE, but in spite of the lack of exercise, I have lost 12 lbs. But there is more! I have had a goiter on my thyroid for 20 years. It was so pronounced, my Dr. The goiter, which was biopsied two years ago, was hard like a rock, calcified, but controlled by synthroid, which I have taken for 20 years. Often, I would absent mindedly rub my neck to feel the goiter, I kind of self check to see if it is getting bigger.

I am not ready to say it is gone, but it is much smaller — there is no other explanation for this after 20 years of remaining constant in size than the lack of wheat in my diet. Other benefits of this diet are becoming more and more apparent; I have suffered from arm and especially leg aches my entire life, since I was tiny. I would wake up in the night and take a pain reliever.

I feel so great aside for the afib — which I am working on with my cardiologist. I no longer snack at work. After lunch, I used to feel desperate for a snack by every day — and I usually succumbed. I have not felt, sleepy or hungry in between meals for weeks. My husband has diabetes and he has also lost weight and his blood sugar has been perfect! I had stopped baking completely due to the weight gain and the depression that went with it, which made me terribly sad. But, now, we are experimenting with cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads — all full of healthy almond flour and coconut flour and flax meal.

We eat delicious blueberry muffins with 1. I suggest that the author of this article and the article of the Time Magazine article try this for one month. I suggest they do the same research all of those who have gone off wheat have done. Could you please post a response to Dr.

Davis please? After all, people would like points and counter-points to get answered and hopefully you will agree that taking the time to do this with Dr. Davis is not time ill spent. Gluten free food is much better for everyone. I have had experience with my son who develops an allergy to gluten. Thanks for this article. Holly and Dr. Leffler, this is a very good article by Dr. Mark Hyman MD which summarizes the problems with modern wheat for everyone, beyond just those with celiac disease. When I share this information, such as the article above or information from Dr. Somebody has to be absolutely kidding!

This is NOT the mid sixties. Who is sponsoring the writing of this kind of misleading information? Just one point: there are at least 3 million of celiacs. I was not diagnosed until I developed severe ataxia. This is a setback for science and medicine, sadly. This article is a form of representation of this. How hard is it for people to eat whole, healthy food, instead processed, refined, starchy, modern wheat-filled stuff? Why do B vitamins and fiber have to be found in fortified bread? Please look more broadly at this situation. There is so much more science and information available about the problems with modern wheat…not just for celiacs.

We know whole wheat bread has a higher GI index than table sugar and that is just one small example of the problems with modern wheat. This is the type of medical advice that the big brains at Harvard Medical School are dispensing now. So what, I should be embarassed that I gave up up Raisin Bran? Stay in the closet over the fact that I no longer eat Kraft dinner? Screw that. Why have all your skin conditions vanished? I will also tell them to stop listening to idiots like Strawbridge and Leffler and start taking control of your health and well being.

You said…. With over ,, people in the USA, there would be over 2,, people with celiac disease. I hope that Harvard faculty know how to check their facts, or correct their errors once pointed out. Its propelled me into a healthy weight range and made several annoying conditions simply disappear. Im shouting it from the roof tops.

The reason you suggest that i should is equally so and certainly makes one wonder what your real reason could be. More anecdotal evidence- I know, I know, statistically annoying but nevertheless, true. My skin looks fabulous. Correction of hair loss. Correction of irregularity. More energy. Noticeable reduction in appetite. Better sleep. Improved ability to pay attention. We eat whole foods. So the savings in the school lunches, headache medicine, and TUMS, not to mention the improved quality of life, means following this way of life is not hard at all.

Ditto for us…we eliminated grains. Dropped 20 pounds in 30 days. Eating fresh whole unadulterated real food. Processed food is just evil. Please give us links to the research you used to write this article. We would like to analyze that research ourselves. We may or may not arrive at the same conclusions you do. Great day in the morning!! How did our species manage to produce viable offspring before the agricultural revolution?! This article is not only wrong, it is blatant misinformation! Harvard Health had some degree of my trust until now! Glidens are the culprit and are in every bite since the Green Food Movement altered wheat in the 60s in order to increase wheat crop yields tenfold!

Yield increased along with the glidens and thus the inflammation that goes along with the glycemic spike. The answer is not to switch to gluten free bread and pasta, the answer is to switch to healthier grains like quinoa and eat less processed foods! Part of your misinformation is the scare that eating healthier costs more! To me, the most telling thing about this blog post is not the misinformation it hands out — it is the complete lack of rebuttal to all the criticism it has received.

This is very similar to what happened when the grain lobby reviewed Wheatbelly; normally, the posts on their blog get about, say, six comments. That one got Perhaps if they ignore the comments hard enough they will simply disappear, LOL. Anyway, this post does the same thing. Holly, if you have something to back up your claims, show it to us.

Otherwise, your silence speaks for itself. The AMA generates hundreds of billions of dollars on the fact that we are ill, and it is in their best interest to keep us that way. An FDA application is currently pending for such an application of naltrexone. A serum test for the zonulin protein will be commercially available near-future. Fasano tells me. This all comes to a head in our time because agribusiness and agricultural geneticists have been busy changing the genetics of wheat, e.

The quadrupling of celiac disease, for instance, is largely explained by the enrichment of the Glia-alpha 9 gene in modern wheat, virtually absent from the wheat of This is just ONE of the thousands of changes introduced into the genome of modern wheat in the cause of increased yield-per acre. To argue that wheat products are necessary for B vitamins and fiber and to ignore all the other issues that now surround modern wheat is, well, ignorant. Unfortunately, the readership of this Harvard publication and the patients of physicians like Dr.

Leffler will be deprived of real insights into this phenomenon of agribusiness-altered wheat. People like Ms. Strawbridge help perpetuate the ignorance that prevails among healthcare providers. When my daughter was 4 years old she had various digestive problems. My doctor did a full range of blood tests including a celiac panel. Everything was negative so she was treated with meds.

Eventually she needed more and more and more meds and had more and more and more problems, but still no diagnosis0. We had previously eliminated various foods with no improvements so I decided to eliminate wheat and gluten even though the famously unreliable celiac panel was negative. Within a week we had stopped all meds for reflux, constipation, and the undiagnosed skin problems on her bottom. Other problems she just lived with. Within 6 weeks everything had cleared. She has had trial amounts since then so that the doctor could have another celiac panel done.

She wound up with bleeding skin lessions and in the ER for severe constipation. So thank you to all who have spoken up. Please continue to spread your message and inform other people. Again thank you to all who spoke up. And maybe I should thank the author of this article too because it sure has gotten people talking about their experiences. Yet, it has been life changing for me too. Apart from that, we are seeing what happens when a grass-roots no grain pun intended revolution occurs when people take back the responsibility for their health and the health of the dear innocents like your daughter.

Tough doughy pizza for them!! Wow… where do you begin… this condescending, patronizing superiority is so off-putting, I want to spit! So she thinks her readers are children?!?


I, personally, told my husband of my dietary choice reduce carbs and eliminate all wheat which he decided to follow as well. Assorted skin rashes visibly improved. These are my facts. The only difference was the diet and I now take Vitamin D3 capsules. Thank you. This article is ridiculous! Honestly, the only benefit of wheat described in this article can be corrected with a multivitamin.

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He heard the sound of Arthur's bedclothes rustling, and then Arthur was sitting up, blinking back sleep. Merlin's mouth opened and closed a couple of times. Merlin shifted on the balls of his feet. When the fire is — ah, that is, when it needs tending. Arthur's expression shifted into something Merlin was at a loss to read. Oh Christ, it was probably the potion exerting its influence. And the first person Arthur had seen upon waking was not Mireilla, but Merlin. This was a disaster. He watched Arthur swallow, look down at his hands where they lay folded in his lap, then back up at Merlin.

Merlin could hear the blood rushing in his ears. Arthur threw his legs over the edge of the bed, then padded over to Merlin on bare feet. His gaze never left Merlin's face, and Merlin gulped back a feeling of mingled panic and near-overwhelming desire. God, how had he missed this? It felt huge inside him, bigger than the Great Dragon and expanding with each passing second until he was sure Arthur would be able to see it spilling from his pores like an excess of magic.

Merlin couldn't help but smile at that. Then his gaze dipped to Arthur's bare chest, and he sobered quickly. Merlin sucked in a breath; he was sure Arthur could feel his pulse fluttering wildly against his fingertips. Arthur searched Merlin's face, his expression as grave as if he were contemplating mortal combat with a formidable foe. And truly, that was the most unfair choice Merlin had ever been asked to make.

If he told the truth, he would be as bad as Mireilla, using Arthur for his own ends. Avoiding the question by telling Arthur of the potion wasn't an option either; he couldn't be sure how Arthur would react, and he had promised not to divulge Mireilla's secret. The best, the right choice, was to lie. But looking into Arthur's huge blue eyes, more open and vulnerable than Merlin had ever seen them, he couldn't force himself to say the words, to deny how much he wanted this. But Arthur, you have to trust me —". Arthur smiled, slow and sweet, and he tugged on Merlin's arm, bringing him closer.

To his credit, Merlin resisted for all of three entire seconds before he was sliding his hands into Arthur's hair and kissing him back. Arthur groaned and angled his head, his arms going round Merlin's back and pulling him close, and Merlin was lost, his principles deserting him in a rush. This, this was what he wanted, and God help him, he'd find a way for Arthur to want it, too, even after this night. That didn't change the fact that he was an utter bastard for allowing it to happen. But here like this, with Arthur hot and hard against him, he couldn't find it in himself to care.

Still kissing, they shuffled their way to Arthur's bed, where Merlin boldly pressed his palm to the bulge in Arthur's breeches. Arthur broke away gasping, shoving his hips forward, and Merlin licked the strong column of his throat, nuzzled the notch in his collarbone as his fingers attacked the laces keeping Arthur from him. But when he tried to take off Arthur's trousers, Arthur drew back and began shoving up Merlin's shirt with both hands. Merlin took a step back and placed a hand firmly in the centre of Arthur's chest, pushing him back against the bed.

Arthur frowned at him. Arthur rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, but didn't make any more attempts to undress Merlin. When Arthur was standing naked and hard before him, Merlin drew in a breath, momentarily stunned at how ridiculously perfect he was. Arthur swept a thumb over Merlin's left cheekbone. Merlin glared at him, and Arthur laughed and kissed him. After a moment, Merlin pulled away and stripped off his shirt in one swift move, which made Arthur's laughter die in his throat.

Arthur sat back on the bed of his own accord this time, watching with rapt attention as Merlin divested himself of his clothing. When he was done, Arthur beckoned him forward, and Merlin came closer, moving to stand between Arthur's spread legs. Arthur's hand caressed Merlin's chest, calloused fingers brushing a nipple, drawing a shudder from Merlin.

Sandwich bread alternatives

By the time he recovered some small portion of his reason, they were lying full length on the bed, Merlin poised above Arthur, their erections brushing together almost lazily as Merlin moved over him. Arthur's injured arm lay at his side at Merlin's insistence, but Arthur compensated for the lack with his right hand, touching every bit of Merlin he could reach, driving him slowly mad. Merlin planted a wet, open-mouthed kiss on the centre of Arthur's chest, and Arthur moaned as he continued downward, licking over ribs, setting his teeth into the taut flesh of Arthur's belly, trailing his lips over the sharp cut of a hipbone.

His adolescent fumblings with Will hadn't prepared him for what he was about to do, but he hoped that enthusiasm and a burning need to drive Arthur round the bend would count for something, and so he lowered his head and delivered a long, slow lick to Arthur's cock without thinking overmuch about his pitiful lack of experience. If Arthur could tell he was new to this, he didn't seem to mind, as he was soon gasping out Merlin's name almost constantly, his hips trembling with the effort of not thrusting up into Merlin's mouth.

Merlin silently gave thanks for Arthur's sense of discipline, as he didn't think he could manage much more at this point. There was no doubt it was worth the effort, though, because when he looked up, Arthur was staring at him wild-eyed, his hair plastered to his forehead, his nostrils flared as though he couldn't get enough air, and Merlin thought he had never seen Arthur look so beautiful. Merlin closed his eyes and concentrated on guiding Arthur through the aftershocks while at the same time trying desperately to avoid choking.

He managed both, but it was a close run thing, and when it was over he had to rest his forehead against Arthur's still-trembling thigh for a few moments while he remembered how to breathe. And then Arthur reached down and hauled Merlin up the bed one-handed as easily as if he were a sack of grain, and before Merlin knew what was happening he was propped up against the headboard with Arthur straddling his hips, leaning in and murmuring deliciously filthy promises in his ear while he wrapped his good hand around Merlin's cock and worked him to a peak of helpless, screaming ecstasy.

Shut up," Merlin said happily, looping an arm around his neck and pulling him down, kissing away Arthur's spluttering complaints about his terrible insubordination. He turned his head slowly and nearly felt his heart stop when he saw Arthur lying beside him, watching him with what could easily be called a besotted expression. Oh, bollocks. By all the rules of love potions, Arthur should have been booting him out on his arse right about now.

This had to be an especially potent formula, and there was no telling when it might wear off. And while it might be tempting to bask in the heat of that gaze for as long as possible, Merlin's conscience wouldn't allow it any longer. In the harsh light of day, his conduct last night seemed even more reprehensible. Merlin put out a hand, intending to hold Arthur back, but as soon as he touched Arthur's sleep-warm skin, that plan went straight to hell. Within moments, Merlin was flat on his back and gasping as Arthur worried a nipple with his teeth.

Taking a deep breath, Merlin summoned every last shred of his tattered will power and shoved himself up on his elbows. I'm sorry. Arthur studied him, and his expression slowly hardened at whatever he saw in Merlin's face. Arthur didn't turn round. Some of the new knights are bloody hopeless at spear-work. Merlin ran a hand through his hair, heart in his throat.

Gaius set down the knife he was using to chop up some fresh feverfew and looked up slowly. Merlin sat, planted his elbows on the table and propped his head in his hands. He had never been less eager for a lecture in his life. Merlin gaped at him. Everyone's heard of them; even back in Ealdor, there was —".

Along with magic poles for controlling the weather which were popular with the farmers, magic poultices to heal the blind, and a magic ointment that was guaranteed to banish unsightly facial hair in any woman over forty. Merlin closed his mouth. Merlin frowned. True, she didn't employ a potion, but she did force Arthur to fall in love with her. Gaius shook his head. Sophia was able to gain influence over Arthur only because he was already attracted to her, but in the end that was all it was — influence.

He obeyed her commands as a dog might its master, but he never loved her. And whoever is suffering from the nonexistent effects of this 'love potion' — and believe me when I say I do not wish to know their identity — understand that there is no potion that can force them to feel anything that was not already planted in their heart by Nature. Merlin slowly lifted his head, his heart gaining speed until he was sure it would burst through his chest and start hopping round the room. That he quite possibly loves me as much as I do him.

The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care

Unfortunately, as soon as he let himself into Arthur's room he knew he'd made a mistake, for everything reminded him of last night, from the still-warm ashes in the fireplace to the rumpled sheets. When he found himself standing beside the bed clutching one of Arthur's pillows and staring off into space, he sighed and hung his head. If there was any hope that he could manage rational thought today, it was sure he wouldn't manage it here.

Arthur's eyebrows shot up.

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  5. Perfect Health — Accept No Substitutes.

Nodding at Merlin, he added, "If you're so attached to that, you can have it. I would never want to break up such a handsome couple. Merlin blinked at him, then realised he was still clutching the pillow. And oh, lovely; Arthur was now looking at him as though he had three heads. He told me I should be convalescing, as though I were some feeble invalid. In spite of everything, Merlin felt his respect for Uther go up a notch. But Arthur, you almost died. I'm still mad about you. Merlin shrugged and closed the remaining distance between them. Can't help it, really.

Slowly, as though unsure of his welcome, Arthur's hand rose to Merlin's face, finally cupping his cheek gently. Merlin wiggled experimentally and felt Arthur's erection pressing against his arse. Arthur's arm tightened where it lay across Merlin's chest, then relaxed as he twisted round to get the jar from the nightstand. When he felt Arthur's fingers teasing his entrance, Merlin reached back and grabbed at Arthur's arm. I don't need it. He heard Arthur draw in a sharp breath. Arthur moved away for a moment, and then he was hot against Merlin's back and pressing his cock in ever so slowly.

Merlin clutched at the pillow and spread his legs and lay flat as Arthur drew back, lifting himself easily despite the awkward position. The thought of Arthur fucking him like this — using every ounce of his not inconsiderable strength to move his cock in and out of Merlin's body — was enough to bring him to the brink in very short order. He always came without a single touch to his own cock; the pressure of the mattress against him combined with the perfect rhythm of Arthur's strokes was all it took. Arthur continued his impossibly slow, impossibly deep thrusts until Merlin was moaning constantly into the pillow, and just when he was sure he couldn't take another minute, Arthur angled his thrust just so and the sparks flew behind Merlin's eyelids.

He crested with Arthur's name on his lips and his heart so full he thought it might explode. Arthur stilled as Merlin came, riding out the pulses of his completion, and then Merlin felt Arthur's forehead against his shoulder as he drove deep one last time and shuddered to pieces above him. Arthur's ragged puffs of breath tickled his skin. Merlin reached back as best he could and touched his fingertips to Arthur's hair. Arthur rolled them back onto their sides, his cock still inside Merlin, and Merlin gasped and tipped his head back as Arthur's arm wrapped around him again.

That I would rather die than see you harmed? Merlin's heart, which had just begun to calm, started pounding wildly again. I think to myself, today will be the day. Today he loves me enough. Merlin sucked in a harsh breath, stung. Merlin opened his mouth, closed it again. I trust you with my life. For Arthur, that was the true test of love, a declaration worth more than all the pretty phrases in ballads and poems. Arthur sighed and released him, and Merlin closed his eyes tightly as he felt Arthur slip from him.

He turned slowly to face him, dreading what he would see, but Arthur merely looked weary and a little sad. But that's all the more reason why I couldn't tell you. But there's another part that knew I couldn't risk taking even the smallest chance that you would send me away. Because I have to be with you, you see — to protect you and — well, to make sure you're able to fulfill your destiny. Arthur stared at him, and Merlin sighed.

Or rather, no, he doesn't — he talks in riddles, mostly, the bastard — but it sounds less like utter bollocks coming from him. I'll take you to him, and he can —". He placed his own hand over Merlin's where it lay on his chest, and Merlin released the breath he hadn't been aware he'd been holding. And damned if the prat didn't proceed to do exactly as he promised.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Accept No Substitutes lamardeuse Summary: It was extraordinary, Merlin reflected as he pounded down the corridor toward the Great Hall, how often the destiny the Great Dragon constantly spoke of entailed saving Arthur from beautiful women. See the end of the work for more notes.