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Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Maggie looked down and barely saw her toenails peeking out from the shadow of her stomach. She closed her eyes and slowly stepped onto the scale. Once she finally opened her eyes, Maggie almost fell off the scale. Maggie Bean's having a tough year. Since her dad lost his job he spends more time watching TV than talking to his family, and her mom's totally stressed about money. So Maggie focuses on what she does best: keeping up her straight-A average and eating chocolate. Wounded by Peter's recent rejection and flattered by the unexpected attention, Maggie immerses herself in everything Camp Sound View has to offer.

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Her confidence grows, and before long she's cracking jokes and initiating conversation without worrying much about what people think. It's all fun and games until Maggie becomes so involved, people Aimee, Arnie and her family feel neglected. Will Maggie sacrifice old friends for new ones? Will she change what's on the inside as people respond to her changed outside? Can she blend her two worlds together? Her face burning red at the thought, Maggie swallowed and turned back to the rack.

Could you grab some purple highlighters?

Maggie Bean Stays Afloat by Tricia Rayburn - FictionDB

Maggie asked, somehow managing to think of something besides her almost-first boyfriend fingers crossed for one second. Maggie looked down at the basket overflowing with notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, erasers, index cards, Wite-Out, paper clips, rubber bands, glue, and Post-its. A pack of pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange highlighters sat precariously on top of the pile. So you can enjoy a healthier work-life balance? If you must. Maggie grinned as Aimee headed down the aisle. Which was why the card was so important.

Next to Aimee, Arnie was her best friend.

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Something that said, "Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being supersweet and funny and adorable. Thank you for being you, and for wanting to be with me. I promise to be the best girlfriend ever.

That, or run from the drugstore before they noticed her. But that was then, and this was now. They were about to start eighth grade. Why not start with a clean slate? Anabel nodded, and her eyes darted toward Julia. When Julia continued to smile without speaking, Anabel gave her a quick elbow jab.

Maggie paused. Dying to know what?

So much for starting fresh. Immediately embarrassed for being put on the spot—and not even sure what they were talking about—Maggie felt her cheeks burn and her pulse race. A year later and the most popular girls in school still had this effect on her, like she still weighed more than the two of them combined, and longed to live up to their superficial standards. Maggie spun around, relieved to see Aimee headed their way. When she turned back, she caught Julia and Anabel exchanging more looks, their eyes even wider than before.

Please, Aimee said, handing Maggie three purple highlighters and People magazine. That was over months ago.

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The Abercrombie surfer who did crossword puzzles with his grandmother, volunteered at homeless shelters, and worshipped you? Anabel looked at Maggie, shocked. They grew apart. Aimee shrugged. It happens. Especially when high school guys start asking you out. Which is why Maggie had to move on to someone else. Maybe you can tell us all about it at school next week, Aimee suggested. Maggie took the basket and started walking down the aisle.

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Maggie knew Julia and Anabel were watching her and Aimee head for the register, eyes still wide and mouths open. But right then, all she could think about was getting out. Reaching the checkout, Maggie quickly unloaded her basket onto the counter.

I forgot it. Impossible, Aimee said automatically. You have enough there to educate an entire school.

Maggie Bean Stays Afloat

Maggie glanced over her shoulder. Thinking only of him, her cute, funny, almost-first boyfriend, she left the counter and strode back toward the stationery aisle. Anabel and Julia still stood where she and Aimee had left them, whispering fiercely, but Maggie just flashed a smile and grabbed the first card she reached in the Thinking of You section.

Later, once safely back home and thinking more clearly, she might regret the fast selection. Maggie looked down at the skirt she wore. It hugged her hips without accenting her stomach, flowed away from her legs, and fell just above her knees. Plus, it was black , a color that, despite losing forty pounds, she still appreciated for its famous slimming effects.

Tricia Rayburn

He held up both hands, one of which held a red Netflix envelope. Did you not notice the enormous wall calendar hanging in the kitchen? The one with all the fist-size Xs counting down to a very special occasion? Maggie grinned and rolled her eyes.